"Glazed Moon" is an unofficial, for-profit, vintage ads inspired Genshin Impact zine focused on the region of Liyue.We aim to produce a general, SFW (PG-13) zine in the form of a lifestyle magazine, with an emphasis on product advertisement and fashion.This project will be welcoming artists and writers! All creations should fall under the theme of vintage Chinese advertisements from the 1930s. This is an art style that took after the trend of Art Deco in the West, and was commonly used in calendar posters (yuefenpai) and cigarette advertisements. For further references, you may view examples of the style here.We’d like to thank the Red Peony zine mods for kindly letting us borrow the concept of vintage ads! Don’t forget to check out their aftersales!Got more questions? Refer to our FAQ or drop by our Curiouscat!


What is a zine?
A zine is a compilation of creative works, usually artworks and writing. It’s similar to a book or a miniature magazine.
What are the zine’s specs?

+ B5, perfect-bound, ~72 pages
+ SFW, PG-13
+ For-profit
+ 1 cover artist, 28 page artists, 4 spot artists, 6 merch artists, 4 writers
What characters will you feature?
Due to the zine’s theme being Chinese vintage ads, we will be focusing on characters from Liyue, the game’s counterpart to China. All Liyue characters, including NPCs, have a place in the zine. Non-Liyue characters may also make appearances, but ultimately the focus should lie on Liyue characters. Travellers (Aether & Lumine) may also be featured!
Will the zine feature ships?
This will be a general zine, meaning we will not feature romantic ships.
What kind of artworks will the zine have?
Artworks are to emulate the design aesthetic of Chinese vintage advertisement posters in the 1930s, which took after the trend of Art Deco in the West. This will most likely manifest itself in product and service advertisements (i.e. Wanmin Restaurant discount promotion, Yanshang Teahouse brochure, perfume ads, etc.), as well as traditional fashion.
Characters will serve as “models” for these advertisements, which will be endorsing products or services. We encourage artists to use their imagination for what kind of ads these characters can model for! Maybe Xiangling in a Wanmin Restaurant flyer, or perhaps Ningguang as Scent of Spring’s perfume model. Or perhaps Zhongli can be a hair model… for the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor… Hu Tao’s promotional ideas are endless, after all…!For better clarity, you may view a Pinterest Board of the style we are taking inspiration from here. Artists are not required to draw in the realistic style depicted in the Pinterest board. We are simply looking to incorporate design elements such as the layout, motifs of nature, poses, etc. Hence, understanding how to draw detailed graphic elements will put the artist at an advantage.

What kind of writing will the zine have?
As the zine’s format is of a vintage lifestyle magazine, the writing featured will be in the form of magazine articles. We are looking for writers who can write engaging lifestyle articles. This can include various tips from characters, interviews, restaurant reviews, etc. We encourage writers to be creative ~
What are spot illustrations?
Spot illustrations are illustrations designed to accompany a text, in order to highlight certain parts of the writing. They are usually without background, with an emphasis on shape and form. Click here to see an example!
I’m not too familiar with the concept of vintage Chinese ads, will this put me at a disadvantage as an artist?
While familiarity with the concept would certainly be helpful, you are not at a disadvantage for not knowing much about it! Upon acceptance, you will be presented with a detailed style guide containing information about the theme, and how to integrate it with your artwork.
Will you have guest contributors?
Yes, we will soon introduce our wonderful guest artists! Please keep an eye on our socials.
Are you looking for more mods?
No, we are not looking to make new additions to our moderator team at the moment.
How will contributors be compensated?
All project participants will, at the very least, be guaranteed a digital PDF copy of the zine. Ideally, we would like to compensate contributors with a full bundle. However, this is only possible if we make enough profits. Should the project not make enough to compensate contributors with physical copies, they will be made available to contributors at production price. Additional profits, if any, will be split among contributors and moderators accordingly, depending on their contributions.
This is a rough breakdown of how profits will be split among the team:
Moderators - 20%
Lead Artist - 6%
Contributors - Remaining 74% based on cuts
Please keep reading to view a more detailed compensation breakdown!


The profits from this project will first and foremost go towards funding a complimentary physical copy of the zine for all project participants with free shipping. If sales allow, we would also like to compensate contributors with physical merchandise along with the zine.All participants may purchase additional copies of the zine at production price, for personal or commercial use. However, the purchase of additional merchandise items at production price will be limited for anyone but the merchandise artist themselves.This is a rough breakdown of how profits will be split among the team:
Moderators - 20%
Lead Artist - 6%
Contributors - Remaining 74% based on cuts
Leftover profits, if any, will be distributed among the team accordingly, depending on contributions. Please view the table below for a detailed breakdown of our shares system.


May 25Project launch
May 30 - Jun 25Interest Check
Jun 30Interest Check Results
Jul 5 - Aug 5Contributor Applications
Aug 12Contributor Apps Results
Aug 17Deadline to respond
Aug 22Concept Check-In
Sep 12Check-in #1
Oct 12Check-in #2
Nov 12Check-in #3
Nov 28Final Submissions
Jan - FebPreorders



Presenting Paimon's team, who will be assisting travellers through the publication process ~


Graphics, Social Media, Art

Hello, I'm Van! I've been playing Genshin non-stop since its launch and I'm a proud C1 Venti haver! I'm handling graphics, social media, and art communications for the zine.


  • Taste of Teyvat - Graphics and Social Media Mod

  • Genshin Tarot - Graphic Designer

  • Embark: a HxH Travel zine - Graphic Designer

  • Verses upon the Azure Sky: A XingYun zine - Graphics Mod



Hi, this is rice! im mrs ike fire emblem and i have an extra hand for miss beidou genshin impact


  • Genshin Tarot - Lead Designer

  • Heroine Impact - Layout, Art Communications

  • Academy Emblem - Layout, Main Designer


Finance, Production, Shipping

Hi! I'm Tien, I've been participating in zines for three years now as both a mod and a contributor! I love this concept and I can't wait to help this zine to come to life!


  • Say, for Instance - Merch, Production, and Shipping

  • Verses upon the Azure Sky: A XingYun zine - Finance, Production, Formatting, and Shipping

  • Lowlights - Graphics, Formatting, Organization


Organization, Social Media, Beta

I'm Liv and playing Genshin has just proved my gacha luck to be abysmal. Something about the vintage Chinese aesthetic has always been very enticing and nostalgic to me, so I'm excited to see where this zine goes!


  • Taberu - Organization, Social Media

  • Miya² - Organization, Finance

  • Taste of Teyvat - Beta


Social Media

Hello, I'm Nat! Playing Genshin has been either one of the worst or best decisions I've made in my life. I love this zine's theme and am excited to help out!


  • Verses upon the Azure Sky: a Xingyun zine - Beta, Social Media

  • Writer contributor in 10+ zines, including the Haikyuu Travel Zine and Taberu: a Haikyuu cookbook